Regulator No. 2
36 inches tall, 15.75 inches wide, 5.75 inches deep, 32 lbs weight
Our finest reproduction of the most widely used station clock ever produced by Seth Thomas. This stately timepiece was used by almost every railroad in North America.  
If you have looked closely at a piece of fine antique furniture, you will find a unique grain pattern generally not found in newer pieces. Thatís because fine furniture, like the Regulator No. 2 used to be constructed with quarter sawn lumber, an expensive but attractive method of cutting the wood to achieve dramatic results. We have replicated that process and crafted our case using solid quarter sawn white oak. We have even used solid oak in areas where Seth Thomas used veneers, increasing the weight of the clock by over 20%. With the finest joining methods and a hand rubbed finish, you will be awestruck at the classic beauty of this clock. 
It took years of development to produce the German weight driven, eight day movement used in this clock. Once a week you will take great pleasure in cranking the weight up to the top of the case, providing another week's power for the slow swaying of the pendulum. Bradley Woodworks is proud to have worked on the design of this movement from the ground up, and to own the worldwide exclusive rights to such a precision instrument. Crafted by Hermle in Germany, makers of some of the worlds highest quality clock movements,we offer it to you with confidence.
$1195 US (delivery included)

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