Tuesday, January 8 2008
This picture was taken in 1974 by Alan Gruber of New York.  Alan is a customer of ours.  He visited this CPR station in Parry Sound, Ontario while vacationing in Northern Canada.   The station agent was gracious enough to allow Alan into his office for this picture. The clock seen in the upper left corner is a World Regulator. This picture is evocative of a simpler time in our lives.  It is poignant when one realizes that this picture was taken in the year that mechanical clocks were de-commissioned by the CPR.  Notice that the time regulation card beneath the clock has been turned toward the wall.  It is almost as if time stopped for these majestic timepieces at 1:56pm on that day in 1974.  

Bradley Woodworks is the last remaining factory in the world devoted to the production of these railroad station clocks.  We are experts in station clock reproductions and are proud to present the three most widely used clocks in railroad time service history.  These are the clocks that kept a national network of trains on time, and will continue that tradition in your home for generations.    

If you want quality, you have come to the right place.

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