Bradley Woodworks was incorporated in 1978 shortly after most major railroads stopped using mechanical clocks.  Many railroads auctioned off their wall clocks or sold them to employees.  Many more were stolen from depots or "borrowed" by station agents for use in their own homes. Believe it or not, many were also thrown out or destroyed.  Many of my customers have told stories of 'saving" a clock from the garbage bin. Within a very short period of time it seems, you could not find one of these clocks anywhere.  The desire to own one was reinforced each day for railroad employees when they compared their pocket watches to the electronic clock on the wall that hung in its place.  While each employee at least had their pocket watches to remind them of the "good old days" there was only one clock per station and it was gone. 

This desire to own an old station clock created a market opportunity for Bradley Woodworks.  We acquired original drawings for the clocks and their hardware and set out to produce them as they were produced originally. We started with the World model, then the Standard, and finally the No.2 Regulator. Our market is primarily railroads and their employees, both active and retired. Many people buy our clocks for their living rooms, dens and offices. These clocks engage all of the senses. They sound very soothing with their rhythmic tick-tock. They have the smell of good wood and quality, oiled hardware. They are a delight to sit and look at, and finally it is pleasing to touch the smooth finish and perfect joints.  I know I have only mentioned 4 of the 5 senses but I have not yet heard of a customer "tasting", their clock!) 

We intend to continue building and servicing these clocks for decades to come. The continuity of service is guaranteed by my son David, who is extremely capable and only 21 years of age. Together we look forward to serving you. 

No. 2 Regulator in Bristol Union Station World Regulator in Parry Sound CPR Station  Standard Depot in Santa Fe Depot Temple, Texas

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